Electroluminescent Wire Oktoberfest Hat (EL Wire)

By bshaw, December 14, 2014

I have been interested in using the EL wire that I purchased over the summer. With Oktoberfest coming up I decided to take my Oktoberfest Hat (German Alpine) and bling it up with the wire.

The project uses a strand of red EL wire, inverter, batteries and hat. The EL wire is powered by the battery powered inverter. This inverter takes the DC power from the batteries and converts it to AC at approx 100 volts.

You will want to layout the wire to cover the hat with a design to make it interesting.

In the video I have the steps and layout that I used to spruce up the hat for Oktoberfest or other outings.

EL wire is very popular in wearable electronic projects. I hope to be able to build a couple more with the other two strands that I picked up.

What do you think?

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