Macbook trackpad issues

By bshaw, August 24, 2014

Over the last couple of months I have noticed the trackpad and button on my Macbook have been giving me troubles. The button would press ‘by itself’ and the trackpad was not really responsive. I also noticed the front case had started to crack so I figured it was time to see what was going on here.
The first thing I did was to pop the battery out to see the underside of the trackpad. While doing this I noticed the battery popped out by itself after being unlocked. I thought that was a little weird so while looking over the battery I noticed it was swelled up. After putting it on the tale top it was obvious that the top and bottom of the battery were curved.

I decided to power up the macbook without the battery in it to see how it worked. I found everything was functioning perfectly. After some Googling it seems this is a common fault with the batteries after a couple of years. They seem to swell up and Apple says it is from overcharging or keeping your macbook on all of the time with the power cord plugged in.

I was traveling through the USA and decided to drop into an Apple store to see if this defective battery would be replaced. I took it into the store and was told that the batteries are a consumable and even if mt Macbook was still under a warranty it would not be covered. They then offered to sell me a new battery for 139.xx or so dollars. I declined and figured I would find an aftermarket one for cheaper.

Here is a video of what I ended up purchasing from Battery +

What do you think?

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