Sony a6000 Star trails app

By bshaw, July 1, 2015

I was going through the different apps on the Sony store for my a6000 camera. I enjoy astronomy and night photography so star trails have always captured my interest.

We were out camping at Graves Island Provincial Park in Nova Scotia. The camp site we had was perfect for nighttime viewing of the sky. The site is on the top of the hill and had clear views of the sky.
To get prepared I setup my tripod and camera and found a good view of stars as they were coming out. Before leaving to go camping I had already installed the Star Trails app on my camera. In the application there are various settings that will allow you to adjust the ‘tail’ of the stars other settings to change the look of your video.
Once you trigger the application the camera will make all of the settings per the options you have set and will continue to take pictures.

When you press the shutter button to stop the capture all of the pictures are combined into a video that you will transfer off of the camera to your pc.

This video is the first shot at taking star trails

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