Tivoli Storage Manager – SQL query to find all nodes with an older client version

By bshaw, October 17, 2014

With TSM you want to keep on top of your client node versions to eliminate bugs and keep with software that is supported. I had a task to find the version for thousands nodes in the environment that were older than the current one.

I found this very handy query which you can run inside of TSM or for a comma separated version out at the command line.

This query selects the columns out of the table and breaks them down separating them by the ‘.’. this allows you to compare the version as an integer. For example I have 6400 because I am looking for any client that is lower than

select node_name, left(char(client_version),1)||’.’|| left(char(client_release),1)||’.’|| left(char(client_level),1)||’.’|| left(char(client_sublevel),1)CLIENT_LVL from nodes where int(left(char(client_version),1)|| left(char(client_release),1)|| left(char(client_level),1)|| left(char(client_sublevel),1) ) < 6400

to get this into a csv format enter the SQL command between the quotes and run this at the server command line.

dsmadmc -id=xxx -pa=xxx -dataonly=yes -comma ” “

To redirect to a file add >> filename.csv to the end of this command.

What do you think?

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